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HotDog™ Patient Warming

HotDog Patient Warming System

HotDog® Patient Warming is an air-free, water-free, state-of-the-art perioperative warming system. The only system that warms the patient from above and below simultaneously, resulting in a uniquely versatile, less expensive, and more effective warming solution.

Efficient warming is delivered by a flexible, lightweight conductive polymer fabric inside of HotDog® blankets and mattresses.

Find out more research information specifically for clinicians, and procedure area specific needs.

HotDog® products are available in the NHS Supply Chain framework agreement (Patient Temperature Management reference number: FAG 16900) and can be supplied on a Normothermic Warming Plan with reduced outlay and 30 day rolling contracts.

HotDog Controllers are compact and virtually silent.

HotDog blankets provide unique versatility for a variety of patient positions.

HotDog has the most flexible and safest underbody warming mattress available.

No more air hose or water channels with HotDog: just a thin, flexible cable.

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