Project Description

The only heated grip solution for Trendelenburg patient positioning maintaining normothermia

Robotic surgeries with the Da Vinci and other robots create very difficult warming cases and can contribute to high rates of patient hypothermia. The patient positioning is often in steep Trendelenburg, and the only warming surface is above the nipple line (with arms tucked and legs in stirrups).

HotDog® WaffleGrip® accessory — a Trendelenburg patient positioning system — safely anchors the patient while providing an effective warming solution.

Product benefits:

  • Better warming: Uniform warmth is delivered across the entire surface of the HotDog® underbody mattress by a flexible conductive fabric– without the need for air, water, or gel.
  • Protects against slipping: The WaffleGrip® material is a high-friction surface that provides evenly distributed mechanical grip to eliminate localised pressure points.
  • Integrated solution: Combines warming and positioning in one, easy-to-use system to provide efficient heat transfer with the safest and best underbody warming system available.
  • Less Expensive: Quick set-up time to efficiently provide the best in patient warming and positioning. WaffleGrip® is also cost effective compared to other Trendelenburg positioners.

HotDog® products are available in the NHS Supply Chain framework agreement (Patient Temperature Management reference number: FAG 16900) and can be supplied on a Normothermic Warming Plan with reduced outlay and 30 day rolling contracts.