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novus med and Mediflex – your one-stop solution for surgical retraction

For over 50 years, Mediflex has been designing and manufacturing uniquely engineered surgical devices used in operating rooms of leading institutions worldwide for surgical retraction. Working in close collaboration with renowned surgeons, Mediflex has developed an extensive range of surgical devices which increase procedure and work-flow efficiency, reduce staff and costs, and produce better surgical outcomes.

Bookler®/Mini-Bookler® System for surgical retraction

Bookler®/Mini-Bookler® System

  • Procedural systems and components for all retraction requirements
  • Mini-Bookler System specific for neonatal/paediatric and minimally invasive procedures
  • Bookler System is compatible with Bookwalter-style system components
DynaTrac™ Retractor System for Surgical Retraction

DynaTrac™ Retractor System

  • Precise, dynamic retraction for superficial and deeper retraction requirements
  • Cost-effective reusable retractor frame and blades
  • Simplifies dissection and overall surgery
  • Attaches to FlexArm for maximum stabilisation, particularly for pelvic region procedures
DynaTrac™ Retractor System Brochure
FlexArm ™ Plus Surgical Retraction

FlexArm ™ Plus

  • Eliminates an assistant to hold a retraction instrument and/or scope
  • Maximum versatility in positioning with static, rigid holding
  • Allows for intra-operative adjustments
Lapro-Flex® for Surgical Retraction


  • 5mm self-forming articulating retractors
  • Durable, reusable instrument
  • Full range of tip configurations
Nathanson Hook Retractors

Nathanson Hook Retractors

  • Widest range of configurations available, including robotic
  • Hexagon connector mounts directly to FlexArm or StrongArm to prevent slippage

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Nathanson Hook Retractors Brochure
Port-Free Internal Retractors

Port-Free Internal Retractors

  • Reduce a port and assistant for retraction during laparoscopic/robotic procedures
  • Easy to use, sterile/disposable
  • Configurations for liver retraction, dynamic or static retraction
Universal Round Bar™ TMR Systems for surgical retraction

Universal Round Bar™ TMR Systems

  • Single Post or Bilateral System for all procedures including bariatric
  • Strong, one-piece frame for ease of set-up and allows for specific adjustability
  • Hybrid system which can be used for open and laparoscopic procedures

Mediflex and novus med Product Brochure

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